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The Palestinians in the occupied territories have struggled for over 4 decades under Israel’s brutal military occupation, causing a devastating effect on the economy among other things. Previously, exportation of Palestinian products was impossible due to the occupation. Presently, however, while West Bankers (but not Gazans under Israel’s cruel seige) can export products, these Palestinian domestic producers are threatened by a variety of factors; farmland is confiscated or separated from its owners for the building of the ‘security’ wall or for the building of settlements and their ‘security’ zones, in addition to the comptetiton of cheap Israeli settlement goods and the increasingly frequent attacks by settler individuals who burn Palestinian crops and orchards, cut down fruit-bearing trees, and attack and beat individual farmers attempting to work their land. Choosing to support a population struggling for livelihood is a profound choice that you can make as a conscious consumer and an advocate of human rights and self-determination for Palestinians.

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