Watch the video of SJP’s silent protest here.

On Thursday March 24, Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Danon was scheduled to speak at New York University. Given his representation of the nation that violated the most UN resolutions in history – 66, to be exact – and given his role in perpetuating war crimes of killing thousands of innocent civilians, incarcerating thousands of children without trial, and torturing thousands more, New York University’s Students for Justice in Palestine stopped by the event to say “hello” – in a powerful protest of ‪#‎silence‬.

Silence… it’s the key by which Israeli apartheid continues. Palestinians around the world suffer from media propaganda machines silencing them from exposing Israel’s atrocities. Politicians’ silence about these atrocities allow the Israeli Defense Forces to continue on in their murders of vulnerable Palestinians every day. It’s the silence of the citizens of the world’s superpower – you and I – that allows organizations such as AIPAC to succeed in gaining over $3 billion for Israel every year – that’s more than $8 million a day – while 1 in 5 children in America sleep hungry and our national deficit exceeds $18 trillion.

NYU-SJP takes a stand against this silence. We condemn all forms of injustices and oppressions and racism against any religious, ethnic, or sexual group.

Watch the video here.

‪#‎Share‬ and ‪#‎JoinTheMovement‬.


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