“Mowing the Lawn”: Understanding Ongoing Israeli Violence in Gaza – Israeli Apartheid Week

Wednesday, March 25 6:00pm
at Furman Hall room 216 (245 Sullivan Street)

“There is no other option but ‘mowing the lawn.’ There is no option for a political solution.” – Israeli military strategist Efraim Inbar on Israeli invasion of Gaza.

This summer, a series of Israeli incursions into the Occupied Palestinian Territory of Gaza killed over two thousand Palestinians, most of whom were civilians. This number includes roughly five hundred children. Most human rights monitors concluded that Israel perpetrated a number of war crimes during this campaign, including deliberately targeting civilians, infrastructure, medical facilities and shelters. Months later, Gaza is still under a blockade, restricting reconstruction. People in Gaza continue to die from the lingering effects of the war campaign.

Join us to hear about the ongoing predicament the people of Gaza face from eyewitness Joe Catron, who was on the ground as a journalist in Gaza during the invasion, and NYU graduate student in History Jehad Abusalim, who grew up in Gaza. RSVP here.

Jehad Abusalim is a PhD student in History and Hebrew and Judaic Studies at NYU. Born and raised in Gaza, he has worked closely with PalThink for Strategic Studies, Hadaf Center for Human Rights, and the Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution. Currently, Jehad’s academic research focuses on Gaza in the aftermath of the 1948 Nakba (expulsion).


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