From Ferguson to Palestine: Parallels of Oppression

Thursday, March  26 at 7:00pm
at Global Center room c95, (238 Thompson Street)
Join us for a panel discussion with activists and leaders emphasizing the importance for cross issue organizing. The summer’s events in Palestine and across the U.S., specifically in Ferguson, showed the connections between racist and colonial oppression in both
locations, sparking transnational solidarity and consciousness raising.From police brutality to an unfair “justice” system, Palestinians and African-Americans share similar struggles. In the spirit of forming a stronger global movement to liberate all peoples, join us for a panel discussion on how our work in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle is part and parcel of the struggles to dismantle racism, militarism, and colonialism in the U.S. and other parts of the world.All members from the public welcome (must have valid ID). RSVP here

Cherrell Brown, National Organizer, Equal Justice USA. This past year, Cherrell Brown was part of a delegation to Palestine and has written about the similarities between the black struggle in America and the plight of the Palestinians in publications such as the Huffington Post.

Dr. Robyn Spencer, Professor, History, Lehman College.
Dr. Spencer was an organizer of the World Stands with Palestine Rally and has spoken and written extensively on the Black Panther Movement in America and parallels regarding brutality against African-Americans and Palestinians.

Hazem Jamjoum, PhD Candidate, History/Middle East and Islamic Studies, NYU. Hazem is a Palestinian activist that has spent many years in Palestine organizing against the Israeli oppression and occupation and has written for publications such as the Electronic Intifada. He is now currently a doctoral student at NYU.


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