Roughly 25 students, community members protest NYU forum featuring NYPD’s Ray Kelly, fmr AG Michael Mukasey, screening Zero Dark Thirty

A coalition of student and community groups is engaged in a growing campaign to get NYU Law to reassess its relationship with its newly acquired Forum on Law, Culture and Society (FOLCS). The Forum Director, Thane Rosenbaum made headlines this summer by arguing that there were no civilians in Gaza.

NYU Law: Divest from FOLCS!

Roughly 25 students and community members assembled outside NYU Law to demonstrate against NYU Law’s affiliation with the Forum on Law, Culture, and Society, as it invited former NYPD police commissioner Ray Kelly and former attorney General Michael Mukasey to screen CIA-vetted film Zero Dark Thirty, widely interpreted as promoting torture.

Holding signs and chanting, the group demonstrated against NYU Law’s affiliation with the forum. Two demonstrators donned orange jumpsuits simulating the garb worn by prisoners and torture victims at Guantanamo Bay while holding a sign emblazoned “NYU Students Stand against Torture”.


The group passed out informational flyers to guests to the forum event. Community journalists were present to document the rally.

Ray Kelly spent several years engaging in warrantless spying of Muslim students and communities around the East Coast — including Muslim students at NYU. Kelly is also responsible for the “Stop & Frisk” program, rife with racial discrimination and widely condemned as means of harassing people…

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