The Infamous Five

TIAA-CREF invests in many companies, but few profit so directly from the Israeli Occupation as the five listed below:


– TC invests $287,216,726
– US company
– involved in demolishing Palestinian homes and olive trees, construction of Jewish-only settlements, and the land-grab apartheid wall.

Northrop Grumman

– TC invests $199,061,302
– US company
– large weapons manufacturer; built helicopters and missiles used to kill Lebanese and Palestinian civilians, destroyed basic infrastructure, etc.


– TC invests $91,795,650
– US company
– surveillance systems in settlements; telecommunications equipment for IDF; bomb fuses.


– TC invests $19,249,837
– French company
– bus, rail, recycling, water services in Jewish-only settlements.


– TC invests $1,689,000
– Israeli company
– build drones that have been used in Gaza, Lebanon, and Pakistan. Built surveillance equipment for both the wall inside Palestine and the wall on the US-Mexico border


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