TIAA-CREF – The Campaign Goes On

On Tuesday, September 27 NYU SJP continued its campaign for divestment from TIAA-CREF last night with a teach-in at NYU’s Puck Building. The NYU campaign – so far the most successful in the country – has served as an inspiration and a guide to other SJP groups.

What is the TIAA-CREF campaign?

TIAA-CREF is a pension fund which most NYU faculty and staff rely on to invest for their retirement. The purpose of the SJP campaign is to pressure TIAA-CREF into divesting its holdings in 5 key companies which profile from the illegal Israeli occupation and oppression of the Palestinians.

These five companies are:

Caterpillar – sells the bulldozers used by the IDF to destroy Palestinian homes, infrastructure, and fruit and olive trees

Elbit Systems – makes drones used to kill Palestinian and Lebanese civilians

Northrop Grumman – produces the missiles, helicopters and fighter jets Israel needs to defend itself from crowds of children throwing stones

Veolia – operates a light-rail system linking Israel’s illegal settlements to Jerusalem

Motorola – manufactures surveillance equipment for Israeli checkpoints

So far, over 130 NYU faculty and staff have signed a letter urging TIAA-CREF to withdraw its funds from these corporations just as it divested from Sudan in 2009.

This year, Students for Justice in Palestine plans to continue and expand this campaign, bringing awareness to the rest of NYU and beyond.


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